Small school feel.
Big school results.

Most recall the days where hundreds of students converged in crowded hallways on their way to class. The district model has changed little over the years with each new generation of students. As a result, many students have fallen through the cracks at a critical stage in their life.

The teenage years set the stage for adulthood... 


How we're different.

PODER Secondary (P.A.S.S.) is a small-school environment where teachers track each student and tailor instruction accordingly. The staff will develop a path to graduation that is specific to each student, and then monitor academic progress on a weekly basis.

Teachers work closely with the Administrative team to keep parents in the loop as partners in the mission. There is a heavy focus on classroom management where disruptions are minimized so teachers can focus on instruction. Some other key features that make our school distinct are:

  • No hectic passing periods where valuable time is wasted. 
  • Students complete required credits quicker at P.A.S.S. and begin college-prep in their senior year.
  • Students assess every 2 weeks so teachers can identify weak-spots quickly.
  • Tutoring is held after-school for additional support. 
  • Uniforms serve to unify the student body and help eliminate distraction.
  • Cell phones are prohibited during schools hours. 

But the mission doesn't end at graduation.

The schools curriculum of courses not only fulfill Wyoming graduation standards, but also give students a head-start on college. Students that complete our program will have a leg-up on the competition when the time comes to make that jump at graduation.

A word from the Principal...