Teaching kids how to read, write and multiply is only half the battle when you consider the complexity of today’s teen generation.

Inside the Proficiency Problem

Todays teen generation is facing an emerging force of smarter, stronger, and cost-efficient machines. So the question that must be asked is whether the nation’s schools are preparing students for this transformation, and what will happen to those who are left behind.

despite an increase in graduation rates...

National assessments reveal that an alarming low number of students are proficient in the core areas. In other words, a vast majority of the nation’s students are unable to show any real grasp of the concepts they are learning, and herein lies the problem.

The prevailing belief amongst educators, and one supported by a significant body of research, is that a student’s level of proficiency in the core areas is a key predictor of economic success in what will become an increasingly competitive global stage.

Around the nation...

According to the most recent national assessment conducted in 2019 (NAEP)...

See how the nation's students performed in other subjects.

Nation's Report Card

How our numbers stack up...

According to the most recent Wyoming assessment (WY-TOPP) in 2020

% proficient or above...

  • 6th grade math - 60%
  • 6th grade reading - 76%
  • 7th grade math - 60%
  • 7th grade reading - 85%
  • 8th grade math - 70%
  • 8th grade reading - 76%
  • 8th grade science - 70%
  • 9th grade math - 58%
  • 9th grade reading - 75%
  • 10th grade math - 70%
  • 10th grade reading - 90%
  • 10th grade science - 80%

*Wyoming does not test grades 11 or 12.

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