Get a head start on college...

How it works...

Students can receive college credit while still in high school with Advanced placement (AP) classes. It can provide a leg-up on the competition when it comes time to apply for college. It can also save time and money once college begins.

Students at PODER Secondary will begin taking AP courses in their senior year through the Laramie County Community College program. 

Benefits of Advanced Placement (AP) credit...

1) Impress the college - AP credit can improve a college application and signal stronger academic training.
2) Save money on tuition - Students who pass an AP exam in high school can use that score for college credit.
3) Graduate sooner - Students can potentially graduate from college in a shorter amount of time with AP credit.  
4) Practice college level skills - AP courses teach skills that will help students succeed in college classes. 
For more info on AP credit...

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