Research has shown that tennis can increase physical fitness as well as mental capacity. It is also a lifelong sport that can be played well into the senior years. 

Students at PODER receive lessons from an  instructor as part of their school day. They begin with the basics...how to stretch, catch, throw, and move around the court. Students then undergo activities designed to improve their hand-eye coordination and overall fitness. 

Students then move into more advanced techniques until they are proficient enough to compete. The goal is to strengthen the self-reliance and focus needed for success in college, as well as to produce some of the best competitive players in the state.

"The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight."
Arthur Ashe

Private tennis instruction of this kind would ordinarily cost hundreds of dollars a year. At PODER Academy, students receive this instruction at no cost.

Leagues and Tennis Tournaments

Students have the option of competing in intramural Quickstart tournaments designed for beginners, while older students compete in leagues and tournaments around the state. At a minimum, students will develop the athletic foundation and confidence needed to succeed in other sports. But those who decide to stick with tennis will have the potential to earn college scholarships and potentially move into professional tennis careers.