Asked Questions




The uniforms serve to:

  • Unite PODER as a community
  • Reduce distractions and clothing competition
  • Promote equality
  • Cost effective for parents

PODER is one of the only chess and tennis academies of its kind in the entire nation. Research has shown that tennis and chess have a strong correlation to academic success and promote healthy lifestyles well into adulthood. The skills acquired through these activities will serve students well as they pursue college scholarships and move into professional careers.

Common Core is one of the more common misperceived questions. In June 2012, the Wyoming State Legislature voted to adopt the Common Core State Standards as its standards in English/Language Arts and Math. Therefore, all schools in Wyoming are mandated to meet these standards. It is then left to each individual school to decide how to meet those standards, and what curriculum and model is best for their students.

In order to facilitate students with special needs, the school's very own Special Education Director (SPED) will structure individualized behavior plans around the student’s needs. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team will take the lead on disciplinary measures concerning students under their supervision. The IEP team is composed of a member of the Administrative team, the student’s teacher, and the Special Education Director, and will develop behavior intervention plans when necessary in accordance with the student’s IEP. The school also has a full-time ELL specialist on staff to provide services and support for ELL students.

There is no enrollment fee at PODER Academy.

It is a requirement of the school that each employee has the required certifications and/or licensure as stipulated by the Wyoming Professional Teaching and Standards Board. These are the same requirements applied to all Wyoming public schools.

PODER Academy is a charter school with independent operating authority, and PODER employees are not considered employees of the Laramie 1 School District. Therefore, the school has adopted a Grievance Policy designed to facilitate parent and community concerns in an efficient and judicious manner. 

Parent and community members are encouraged to resolve their concerns directly with teachers and staff whenever possible, but will also have the opportunity to appeal to the Administrative team if necessary. If the issue is still not resolved, parent or community members can submit their concern to the PODER Board of Trustees at least one week prior to the next Board meeting. All Board meetings are public, and dates are posted on this website.